Research and Development



The continuous investment that Southern Seed dedicates to research and development of new varieties comes from the idea to offer quality products to every part of agricultural system and to the final consumer, because in quality they have success and satisfaction.

With the help of modern machinery and innovative technologies, our young breeders select by MAS (Marker Assisted Selection) too. Through the use of different Marker Assisted, this technology consist of selecting agronomical “better” plants, that have more yield, high nutritional values and organoleptic properties, and are resistant to biotic and abiotic stress. Our goal is to guarantee high quality products in a short time.

All this is part of traditional breeding, GMO free, driven by our breeders who, through crossbreeds and targeted selections, can identify only the best lines that can drive to commercial varieties, among all the possible genetic combinations.

Behind this laborious project of research, there is dialogue and collaboration with the growers, who are the active protagonists in dictating the guidelines in research and development.