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SOUTHERN SEED SRL is a young company, it arises on the Italian seed production overview at the beginning of twenty-first century and as much young is the technical and administrative staff that the company has; it is a dynamic and scrappy staff, it is always ready to answer to the market needs that go more and more on evolution.

Our company is well advanced and, in the outer limits of Sicily, it exports both in our Country and overseas. We are on many Mediterranean basin areas and we are working hard obtaining good results.

In a dynamic way, we were able to offer our customers a variety range of high quality, with excellent nutritional and flavour values, excellent organoleptic features and a high tolerance level at the main illness/adversity.

The results, of this work, allowed us to obtain different hybrids that established on the market for their high homogeneity and commercial yields.

Day by day, we invest time and resources for the innovative hybrids creation that are able to improve yield and quality in order to facilitate the seeds marketing; therefore, we aim at the farmers and nurseries economic growth.

For this reason we are pleased to offer clients our technical support in order to get better results and establish a directly and transparently business relationship that is based on competence and mutual respect.


Join us on a fascinating voyage inside the Southern Seed company

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